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Ginger Betty's Bakery

Ginger Betty’s Bakery…The story of Gingerbread began when the Crusades brought back the ginger spice from the Mid-East. Europeans then created the gingerbread recipe and began the tradition of making various Gingerbread creations. Ginger Betty (a.k.a. Beth Veneto)proudly continues this legacy as she creates fanciful gingerbread specialties by customizing them with sugar, spice, and all that is nice.

In 1995, Beth Veneto began creating Gingerbread Houses as a favor to some friends. She got the idea that gum drops and penny candy were in her future.

Ginger Betty’s, located at 215 Samoset Ave. in Quincy, is dedicated to the “fine art of Ginger Bread baking and much more …”. Here you will find ginger bread men, women, children, and families. There are gingerbread houses and boxes of all types, all customizable for any occasion.

A visit to this unique shop is a treat for the young and the young at heart. “It’s a fun place” says Beth Veneto. “It’s for kids and the kid in each of us”. There are balloons, a wooden gingerbread house, and lots of candy. You might even expect to see Hansel and Gretel close by.