What are the ingredients in your gingersnaps? All of our products have an ingredient label located on the bottom of each bag. All ingredients are listed there. 

Are your products gluten free? None of our products are gluten free.

Are your products dairy free? None of our products are dairy free.

Are your products nut free? None of our products contain any nuts but we are not a nut free facility, we do have nut candies in the building.

Are you hosting birthday parties / can kids come into the store and decorate? We are unable to host Ginger Betty's Birthday Parties or allow kids to decorate inside our shop because of COVID-19. Hopefully in the near future we can start these back up again but for the time being we do offer  decorate yourself gingerbread cookie kits and gingerbread house kits.

How is your bakery taking precautions during COVID-19? We are following all guidelines and precautions issued by the CDC in regards to COVID-19. We are also thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing a few times a day (wiping down counters, door handles, etc.) . Our GB customers' safety is our number 1 priority!

Where can I park when I come to the shop? We share a parking lot with Bunker Hill Moving, you may park there. You are also allowed to park right on the street in front of our shop located at 215 Samoset Ave Quincy, MA 02169. 

What are your hours? The bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday 8am to 6pm and closed Sunday & Monday. You can shop Ginger Betty's online 24/7/365 days a year. But please take note that shipping hours are Tuesday through Friday between 9am to 4pm.