Ginger Betty University
Ginger Betty University
Ginger Betty University

Ginger Betty University

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Ginger Betty University is a sweet and magical culinary course!

What could be sweeter than two girls/boys (age 7 to 15) spending a
day with the one and only Beth Veneto (aka Ginger Betty) at Ginger Betty University? 

Come for an enchanting experience at Ginger Betty land as a Ginger Betty apprentice…learn the tricks of the trade…and see where the magic happens…build gingerbread houses, mix and cut gingerbread, decorate cookies, whip up magic frosting, hope for peace and, of course, share cookies and make friends.


What To Expect: 

Mix the dough…roll out the cookies

Bake and decorate cookies

Whip up magical frosting colors

Decorate cupcakes 

Frost a cake and decorate

Assemble a gingerbread house and decorate

Receive a Ginger Betty Diploma

 All packages include your custom Ginger Betty creations



Pkg. 1 - $65.00 per person 

Pkg. 2 - $85.00 per person  (includes apron)

Pkg. 3 - $125.00 per person  (includes apron, Ginger Betty Girl book signed by GB  & lunch)

 Masks must be worn at all times. Limited to family and close friends whove been around each other.

Purchase now then call the bakery at 617-472-4729 to reserve your class today or to learn more.